Interreg South Baltic Project "South Baltic Transport Loops"


The main objective of the SB TRANSPORT LOOPS project is the development of new regular shipping connections to and from project partner ports in order to develop these (small- and medium sized) ports. To and from partner ports does not mean between partner ports only. Shipping connections may be implemented between a partner port and any other port inside and outside the Baltic Sea. The focus are two sectors of the shipping sector, 1) the container, bulk and general cargo transport as well as 2) the ferry (Ro-Ro, Ro-Pax, Rail-Ro) sector. For the second aspect the strengthening of existing ferry connections is an important objective as well. "Strengthening" means the introductions of new products and/or higher frequencies in order to increase passenger and cargo transport figures as well as the market share of these ferry connections.

The expected and envisaged change to be gained on the project, is the implementation of new regular shipping connections. The relevant programme priority axis is no. 3 "Improving cross-border connectivity for a functional blue and green transport area". The relevant thematic objective is no. 7 "Promoting sustainable transport and removing key network infrastructures". The relevant specific objective is 3 "Improve the quality and environmental sustainability of transport services in the South Baltic area." New or improved connections are a quality improvement of transport services in the SB area.

The ports and the user of shipping lines (cargo transport clients and passengers) will benefit from the new and/or improved shipping connections. These connections improve the accessibility of SB region. Improved accessibility supports the development of the economy (production and trade) as well as tourism. It may also help to increase the population in certain areas.

The development of new regular shipping connections to and from small/medium-sized ports is a new topic the SB Programme Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2014-2020.

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Regular transport service China – Karlshamn

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